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Patagonia 2-Tier Dish Rack


Select Color: Brushed stainless

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This is the smaller version of the Patagonia dish rack with only 2-tiers. It is made of high quality stainless steel.  Unlike our self draining Rohan dish, which needs to be placed next to the sink, this one can be kept anywhere on the counter since it uses a tray to catch water.  This tray can be easily slid out from under the frame to discard the water.  The Patagonia 2-tier stainless steel dish rack drainer comes with two sturdy end frames made of rectangular stainless steel tubing and two racks.  The plate rack is the top most one and takes plates, pots and pans and even wine glasses on its bottom side.  The bottom rack can be used for tumblers, bowls and pretty much anything you would like to have dried. The Patagonia dish rack comes with the Palena utensil tray.

Materials: Frame: 18-8 rectangular stainless steel tubing, brushed. Racks: 18-8 stainless steel, glossy, Cutlery holder: 18-8 stainless, Drain tray: Black ABS plastic, Utensil tray: 18-8 brushed stainless steel,  Feet: Rubber

This product has material and labor content from China and USA.

  • Dimensions: 10-1/2" deep x 20-1/2" wide x 12" high (26.7 x 52 x 33 cm)
  • With a 10" dinner plate on the top rack, the height will be 20"
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs