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Paddle Serving Board


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Invite your friends to the perfect brunch date with assorted fruits or afternoon tea on our special serving board while you discuss your dreams with intention and love. This serving board has two grab-and-go handles to prep a spread of snacks and serve it right after.

The sleek and classy collection features a paddle board design with its purposeful intention to serve delicious appetizers in style and with grace. I can already smell the oregano leaves with a drizzle of olive oil as the finishing touch to a perfectly sliced loaf of bread on our beautifully crafted paddle bread board.

All appetizers must be classy served. It's always nice to have some delicious bites ready to go along with a glass of wine that night with friends or a special occasion.

This piece is a warm invitation to welcome conversations. Envision a dessert board, appetizers or tapas to enjoy any special occasion in the comfort of your home featuring our long and sleek paddle serving board.

Why Teakwood? Teak is tropical wood with a high-moisture resistant and natural oil content, qualities that make it the ideal wood for Kitchen.

What's more, the teak we use comes from sustainable FSC-certified harvested plantations. Teak's natural high oil content helps as a moisture-resistant. This beautiful cutting board is not just truly eco-friendly its hardwood grain will keep your knives sharp, at the time it provides a smooth feeling while cutting or slicing. With minimal care and a few drops of oil twice a month the board will keep in perfect conditions for years to come.

  • Details: Edge Grain, Thin Paddle Shaped, Serving Board
  • Material: Sustainable Teakwood
  • FSC® Certified Product

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