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No.6 Cast Iron Skillet Lid


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The 8 ⅜" No.6 Cast Iron lid matches the do-everything No.6 Skillet. Just like the skillets, Field Lids are made from 100% cast iron, seasoned with grapeseed oil and ready for stovetop, oven, and campfire cooking.

Use your No.6 lid at breakfast, lunch, and dinner—it's built for the quick tasks that make up everyday cooking: finish off fried eggs, melt that grilled cheese, or get creative with your leftovers.

  • An exact-fit cast iron lid enhances your skillet's performance for braising, steaming, and other cooking techniques that require steam and basting.
  • Vintage cast iron lids included self-basting ridges to promote even braising and moisture distribution. We've revived that feature for Field cast iron lids: our covers include a simple concentric ring pattern that echoes our favorite vintage American-made cookware, and makes sure that your low-and-slow braises are basted everywhere on the cooking surface.

The 8 ⅜" No.6 Cast Iron Lid is an exact fit for the No.6 Field Skillet. We derived our sizing system from vintage American-made cookware: the No.6 size measures 7" on the cooking surface 8 ⅜" and from edge to edge.


  • 8 ⅜" diameter
  • 2 lb 13 oz
  • 3 ¾" height (closed, including skillet)

Hand-wash only and dry promptly. Apply Field Seasoning Oil after use to maintain seasoning and prevent rust. Like all cast iron cookware, our cast iron lids should never be cleaned in the dishwasher, or left to drip or air-dry.