Moritaka AS - Fish Meat Japanese Kitchen Knife 21cm - Yanagiba


Part of Moritaka’s supreme series of kitchen knives, this 210mm Yanagiba features a long blade that is perfect for cutting through a piece of meat or fish in one go. An ideal knife for slicing boneless fish fillets for sashimi and sushi dishes, or skinning fish.

  • The kurouchi finish provides a brilliant rustic aesthetic to the blade and also aids in corrosion resistance
  • The blue steel blade is forged to a stainless steel tang, which is then inserted into a beautiful cherrywood handle
  • Steel Type: Aogami Super
  • Knife Handle Material: Cherrywood Handle 
  • Waterproof:Yes Knife Type: Yanagiba
  • Weigh: 0.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 35 × 5 × 3 cm
  • HRC: 65
  • Blade Length: 210mm

The edges on Moritaka AS Yanagiba knife this knife are extremely steep and can be taken through high levels of refinement on the stones. Given the intended purpose, it may be worth keeping the maker’s bevel angle in place to avoid chipping when working through poultry joints. The finish is kurouchi (black) with a lacquer coating — this helps protect the steel and should not be polished off. The edge, unlike traditional single-bevel Japanese knives, is a 50-50 double-edge making it much easier to keep sharp using some commonly available sharpening systems. 

Like most equipment, this Moritaka AS Yanagiba knife needs a little love and care. You need to sharpen them regularly and depending on the type of steel, dry them immediately after use. These are 3 general rules you should follow:

  1. Don’t put your knife in a dishwasher, ever. 
  2. Store your knives either on the magnetic knife strip, knife stand, or sheathed in the utensil drawer. 
  3. Don’t slide your knife, blade down, across the cutting board to clear away what you just chopped. Also, check our full guide on how to properly maintain the knife and sharpen it.