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Le Parfait Screw Top Jar Lids


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  • The screw lids of the Le Parfait Screw Top Jar range are essential for the perfect preservation and storage of your tasty homemade dishes.
  • The orange plastic lids ONLY work with the Le Parfait 'Screw Top' jars (with the curved sides) 
  • The 100mm lids will fit the 1L or 2L Screw Top Jars, the 110mm lids will fit the 3L Screw Top Jar.
  • For canning, the gold lids are designed to be used in combination with the Familia Wiss Sealing Caps for a USDA-recommended two-piece lid system.
  • The gold lids are made from tin-plated steel. The orange lids are made from PP#5-plastic that is safe for microwave and dishwasher use. 
  • To help your gold screw lids maintain their luster, we recommend hand-washing and allowing the lids to air-dry.  They are also safe for dishwasher if desired.