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Isis Paper Towel Roll Holder


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The Zojila Isis paper towel roll holder employs clever design to achieve its clean and elegant form.  The weighted arm employs plain old reliable gravity to keep the roll from unraveling.  It can accommodate all sizes of paper towel rolls, including the jumbo roll.  It dispenses effortlessly while keeping the roll in place.  Loading a new roll is a breeze, once you learn the secret of its mechanism.

Grey and Silver versions are also available, which have powder coating applied to the nickel version.

Materials: Base & post stainless steel, arm and ball: steel with brush nickel finish; Head and cap: anodised aluminum; Protective foot covers and bushing: plastic

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, magic, fertility and healing.

US Patent D520,785 S

This product has material, labor and process content from China and USA.

  • Dimensions: 6 x 7.25 x 14.25 inches.  
  • Weight 3.4 lbs