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FoodCycler® Foodilizer Tablets (2-pack)


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When dissolved in water a Foodilizer tablet provides beneficial bacteria (i.e., a soil probiotic) that promotes plant health in soil that has been mixed with recycled food compound from your FoodCycler

  • Dissolve one tablet in a 16-20 oz of water and store in a spray bottle
  • Benefits include producing plant hormones, replacing beneficial organisms, increasing root mass & more.
  • To maximize the effectiveness, mix soild and recycled food compound (11 paers : 1 part ratio) and spray the foodilzer water on all mixed soil
  • One 20 oz spray bottle should last an entire planting season
  • If possible delay planting for 1-4 weeks after the treating soil to allow the breakdown of nutrients

Dimensions: 0 x .50 x 0.2 inches