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Carbon Steel Skillet Set



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Carbon steel skillets have been used by professional chefs for years because of their natural nonstick coating, durability, and balanced heat distribution. Known as a hybrid between cast iron and stainless steel, carbon steel pans only improve with age.

  • Naturally Non-Stick: Once seasoned, the carbon steel skillet develops a natural non-stick coating
  • Lighter Than Cast Iron: Has the same benefits of cast iron but lighter and more versatile.
  • Easy to Clean: The slick non-stick surface on our carbon steel skillets make these pans easy to clean. Just rinse your pan in warm water and use a towel or non-scratch pad to remove any left-over food bits. Just be sure to dry your pan thoroughly after cleaning to avoid staining.
  • A Skillet That Does Everything: Carbon steel skillets are highly versatile and the perfect tool for cooking a wide range of dishes, which is why they have been a staple of restaurant kitchens for years. Use them to sear meats and sauté vegetables, and also to cook eggs or other items that you typically cook on your non-stick pan.
  • Easy-to-grip Handles: We designed our handles with a concave textured grip so that the pan doesn't slide around in your hands while tossing and maneuvering around the stove top. We also ensured that the handle is easy to grip, allowing the pan to stay balanced in your hands with weight evenly distributed.
  • Made in Italy: We worked closely with our same partners in Italy to create our Carbon Steel Skillets. From the textured handles to the rounded edges, these pans are perfect for various cooking tasks, including searing proteins and cooking eggs, and they can handle high-heat cooking.
  • 8.5-inch skillet: (L) 18.5” x (W) 8.5” x (H) 1.8”
  • 10-inch skillet: (L) 19.5” x (W) 10” X (H) 1.8”
  • 12.5- inch skillet: (L) 22” x (W) 12.5” x (H) 1.8”

Customer Reviews

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Steve F. (Hermosa Beach, CA, US)
Bustin' out of prison with these pans

My wife ordered a full compliment of pans for my use, and come December, they will all be wrapped and under the Christmas tree. These pans are so stout and well-built, they can easily be used in a pinch as a hand tool. The warden at Folsom best leave these pans out of the kitchen, lest they be used during a prison break. If Moe had one on set, Curly would literally be dead.

My only question: Why is the type in the review box so small?

Lisa C. (Sparks, NV, US)
Wonderful Cookware!

I am loving these carbon steel skillets! Building the seasoning is going to be a process that happens over time, but already I love cooking with them. I love how they're seasoning to a nice bronze color rather than black like a lot of steel cookware. The sizes in the set cover any of my skillet needs. Now I just need more cupboards to store all of my cookware!