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12" Cast Iron Double Handle Grill Pan


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FINEX’s famed better-looking, better-cooking and good-forever performance in a classic 12" grill pan. Heavyweight construction ensures even-cooking heat retention and distribution on any stove top, oven or over-the-coals cooking scenario. Octagonal shape offers spouts that pour easily. Dual stainless steel “Speed Cool” spring handles make it easy to bring to the table.

  • BUILT FOR REAL GRILLING Designed for providing perfectly seared grill lines; Wide grill ribs allow for radiant heat from below for real grilling flavor on steaks, burgers, chops, seafood and veggies
  • WORKS ON ALL COOKTOPS Fit for the grill and open flame cooking but right at home on gas, electric and induction ranges; Oven safe; Made for indoor/outdoor use
  • TWIN SPEED COOL HANDLES Wound from 300 series stainless steel and hand polished to high luster, our handles stay cool longer, cool off quicker and feel better in the hand. Inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, they bring high-end fit and finish to a time honored design.
  • TRUE BBQ-WIDTH GRILL RIBS Produce gorgeous char-grill marks and flavorful crusts; Thick base and walls for constant, even heating and heat retention
  • MACHINED AND POLISHED easy release surface minimizes sticking and makes cleaning a snap; Free of chemical coatings; Pre-seasoned and ready for use right out of the box

19.61 x 12.01 x 3.78 inches