Are Meal Kits Worth The Money? (Hello Fresh Review)

Alright, so at this point we are all well aware of the home kit meal delivery services as an option for home cooks. There are dozens of companies delivering cook-at-home meal kits like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, & Green Chef. They actually make up a $10 billion a year industry that's rapidly growing! Which is totally insane but my question is: are they just heavily funded and have a ton of marketing money that they can acquire customers with? Or is there actual value for home cooks like you to subscribe to one of these services?

I honestly don't know. So what I'm gonna do today is buy one of these boxes and try it out myself. Afterwards, with the same amount of money it costs to buy the box, I'll order the ingredients myself online to see what the cost breakdown is and really weigh all of the pros and cons of subscribing to a meal delivery kit. This is either gonna be one long ad for these companies, or potentially the exact opposite…

I purchased the 2 “Meat and Veggie” recipes per week for 2 people from Hello Fresh which totaled about $61 total. The two recipes I got were lemony chicken with zucchini spaghetti and meatloaves with creamy thyme sauce. 

Next, I went to Fresh Direct to purchase the same ingredients to be delivered to my house. The only ingredients I was missing were spices & chili mix so I added an extra $3.00 to accommodate for that since I already had those. Making my groceries only .30 cent more. I picked two recipes off of Hello Fresh to follow which were the turkey couscous bowls and rigatoni rosa pasta!

I think HelloFresh has fantastic portions, delicious meals, great recipes, good layer building of flavor, and good utilization of ingredients in different forms throughout the recipes. Overall, I’m pretty inspired and happily surprised by their recipes! As for the store bought ingredients, the yield was slightly more than the HelloFresh meals and I was left with a bunch of ingredients that I used to make another two meals making it 6 meals total. These boxes can be a great option when you are a beginner or you are super busy but if you want to break free from recipes or have a tighter budget purchasing your groceries might be the way to go. 

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By Alex C

Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks