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By Alex Chung

Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks

Ever since I saw this burnt basque cheesecake a year or two ago I have been dying to make it. It is the complete opposite of what I know to be a cheesecake. Its cooked hot and fast, the top cracks and splits open, and its burnt! All the things that so many bakers out there try to avoid and yet here it is making its name in the cheesecake world.

This beautiful Spanish cheesecake has a molten and creamy center that if you’re lucky enough to have it while it is still warm you might never be able to go back to bakery/store bought cheesecake. Its sweet and creamy like a regular cheesecake would be but that beautiful amber brown cracked top give it that extra note of deep caramelized sugar. This recipe is really one for the books. I hope you try it!

Things to know when making this recipe:

1.) You will need a 6×3 inch cake pan. In order to achieve the texture, look, and flavor of this cheesecake this really is the only pan you can use. However, you can double the recipe and the bake this in a large tin.
2.)The cream cheese has to be at room temperature in order for you to get that smooth and creamy consistency. If you’re in a pinch you can microwave it at 20 second intervals until it gets soft.
3.)Since this cheesecake doesn’t have a crust, it is important that you use parchment paper to line up the pan. I do this twice to ensure that none of the cheesecake spill out and to make it easier to pull out once it is ready to eat.
4.) You have to wait to eat this cheesecake. I’m sorry, I know how annoying that can be. However, the cheesecake is so soft that if you were to cut into it it would just spill out and that would be the worst thing imaginable.

Burnt Basque Cheesecake


  • 430g cream cheese, room temperature
  • 120g granulated sugar
  • 3 large eggs, room temp
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract, optional
  • 1 tsp lemon juice, optional
  • 270g heavy cream
  • 20g all purpose flour


    1. Start by preheating your oven to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Then line a 6″ x 3″ circle pan with 2 sheets of parchment paper.
    2. Next, add your room temperature cream cheese and sugar to a standing mixer or food processor. Blend until smooth and creamy, about 3 – 4 minutes.
    3. Then add in 1 egg at a time and mix until fully incorporated. Repeat with the following eggs. Use a spatula to scrape the side and bottom of the bowl. Then add in your vanilla and lemon juice. Pulse to combine.
    4. Now in a separate bowl add in your flour and a pour in 1/3 of your heavy cream. Mix until there are no lumps of flour. You will get a thick paste. Then add in more heavy cream and mix to combine. Repeat until all the heavy cream and flour has been combined.
    5. Pour your flour and heavy cream mix into the food processor and blend for 20 – 30 seconds to make sure everything is combined.
    6. Place your parchment paper lined cake pan on top of a sheet pan, this is to make moving your cheesecake to the oven easier. Then pour in your cheesecake batter into the cake pan. Tap out any air bubbles before you place it into the oven for 30 – 35 minutes.
    7. Once the timer is up, the cheese cake should be amber brown and the when you move it it should jiggle. Let it cool down before you cut into it, approx. 3 -4 hours. Enjoy while still a teeny bit warm or stick it in the fridge to harden up a bit!

      Note: For a less wet & more solid center, place into the fridge after it has cooled to allow it to chill and set. Serve cold and enjoy!

      By Alex Chung

      Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks