My dream studio

By Alex Chung
Writer for Pro Home Cooks

My office space is 100% customizable thanks to fully because my desk and chair are totally adjustable which is such an awesome feature to add to your desk area if you are looking to up you desk game. I also got to personalize my area with some watercolor artwork from my good buddy Eli!

Another cool part of my studio is my lounge area. I knew I wanted a lounge so that I could have guests over they can just hang out in the lounge and eat some delicious food! I decorated the lounge with tons of house plants, a gorgeous piece of wood as a coffee table, and I’m still looking for design for that big white wall…

Now onto the best part, the kitchen!! The kitchen has tons of really cool elements like my moveable kitchen island I made with my dad, my refurbished walnut shelves, and even a custom “4AV-9ST” & “GOWANUS” sign made by my friend beth! I really wanted my kitchen to be to easy to cook in and clean in so having everything on wheels, and induction stove, and a dishwasher made that super easy.

And last but not least, my first ever FERMENSTATION! This part of my studio was very exciting to build out. I never had any of the space in my old kitchen to have a fermentation station. Before I had my kombucha under my desk and inside my closet. Basically, things were fermenting everywhere except in the kitchen. However, now I have a designated place for them and I will be adding a kegerator, a cheese cave, and kombucha on tap! All the fermented things are coming soon! I also put in a spice rack with my aprons and some more organization in this part of my studio.

I want to thank all of the patrons for supporting me and the sponsor/brands that helped me build this studio out! If you saw anything that you liked for your home or studio check out all the links down below!

Office Area

Lounge Area

Kitchen Small Appliances

Sardel Stainless Steel Pots & Pans – (discount code prohomecooks for 10% off)

Le Parfait –

Mosaic Subway Backsplash Tile – Contact for info

Kitchen Large Appliances/ Furniture

Special thanks to @appliance_world in Long Island, NY for helping me out with all the appliances


By Alex Chung
Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks
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