Alex tries… Cruffins

By Alex Chung
Writer for Pro Home Cooks

Hi guys!! It’s nice to you. I’m Alex.

I’m the Culinary Producer here at Pro Home Cooks! As a culinary producer I get to do really cool things like recipe test new ideas for you guys and help Mike with production. However, I have loved baking and cooking ever since I was a little kid. I love making things that have different colors, textures, and flavors so when Mike asked me what’s something I wanted to make for this new segment I had absolutely no clue. All I knew is that it had to be delicious, embodied me in a dessert, was a freaking cool, and needed a pasta maker. (I got one for Christmas and I really wanted to use it.)

So it took me carrying one heavy pasta maker and aimlessly walking Whole Foods with no purpose for an hour for me to realize I wanted to give making croissant dough with a pasta maker a try. To be honest, I hate making croissant dough. Its a labor of love that I don’t care for. There’s too much waiting, too many folds, too many things can go wrong depending on your variables, and I swear if my butter breaks I’ll freak out.

There are too many variables that can go wrong when it comes to making croissant dough and that’s where the cruffin recipe comes in. All of these ingredients are pretty standard. Butter, flour, yeast, water. Nothing crazy. But its not the ingredients that make this cruffin interesting, its the technique.

Made with a pasta maker, baked in a popover pan.

The pasta maker approach eliminates all typical contingencies that happen when making croissant dough. We replace the cold butter with super soft butter, folding turns to rolling, and four 30 minute interval turns to one 3 hour wait. The end product is the same: flakey outside, soft inside, buttery flavor and smell, and absolutely delicious.

Of course, it would have been cool to just make your typical croissants. But you know what’s cooler? Taking the best parts of your favorite desserts and turning it into something better. The cruffin has the flakiness of a croissant made possible through the pasta maker, the caramelized outside of a kouign amann because it was baked in a sugared popover pan, and the flavor profile of what I think is a match made in heaven. The cruffin has hits all the right spots of what I think makes a dessert great: texture, flavor, & color.

By Alex Chung
Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks
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