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No.10 Cast Iron Skillet Lid


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The 11 ⅝" No.10 Cast Iron Lid is the matching lid for the No.10 Cast Iron Skillet. Made in seasoned cast iron and safe for high-heat cooking, this lid makes stovetop and oven braising easy, and creates a tight fit for steaming vegetables, melting cheese, or finishing fried eggs.

  • A tight-fitting 11 ⅝" Cast Iron Lid makes the Field No.10 Skillet the best tool for family-style braised and steamed cast iron recipes.
  • Vintage cast iron lids included self-basting ridges to promote even braising and moisture distribution. We've revived that feature for Field cast iron lids: our covers include a simple concentric ring pattern that echoes our favorite vintage American-made cookware.

The 11 ⅝" No.10 Cast Iron Lid is a perfect fit for the No.10 Field Skillet, and is sized comparably to No.10 vintage cookware.


  • 11 ⅝" diameter
  • 5 lbs
  • 4 ¾" height (closed, including skillet)

Hand-wash only and dry promptly. Apply Field Seasoning Oil after use to maintain seasoning and prevent rust. Like all cast iron cookware, our cast iron lids should never be cleaned in the dishwasher, or left to drip or air-dry.