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Berry Press & Strainer


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Endless possibilities. Make the most of your kitchen machine with more smart accessories to make your own pasta, press juice, mix a smoothie, or make your own homemade burgers.

The Ankarsrum Berry Press & Strainer is compatible with the Ankarsrum Original Mixer. Use this attachment with the Ankarsrum Meat Grinder to make applesauce, tomato sauce, jam, and jelly. The skin and seeds are separated from the juice and flesh, which flow through the strainer into your bowl.

The grinder and roller attach to the drive socket in the mixer base, and the liquidizer and strainer attach to the grinder. Turn the mixer on its side and place food in the plastic hopper while the mixer runs on high speed. Tighten or loosen the dial based on the desired puree consistency. Use the plastic plunger to push food as necessary.

  • Make applesauce, tomato sauce, jam, and jelly. Separates the skin and seeds through the front extension while juice flows through strainer into container you provide. Use with the Ankarsrum Meat Grinder sold separately.
  • The strainer is used to strain fruit and berries to a mash or purée. Cut the fruit into wedges, but keep the skin and the core.
  • Set, using the setting knob, how thick or thin you want the mash to be. Always start at the innermost position for best results.
  • The strainer consists of a strainer roller, valve, strainer pipe, setting knob and strainer trough.