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14" Cast Iron Skillet


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The most versatile pan you’ll ever own. The FINEX cast iron skillet is polished smooth for perfect eggs every time. It’s a searing machine for hearty steaks, chops and salmon. It’s brilliant for baking perfect cornbread, pies and cakes. Introduce a lid and it’s great for steaming, braising and simmering. From stovetop, to oven, to grill—even over the coals—the FINEX cast iron skillet is a trusted essential you’ll pass down for generations.

  • POUR SPOUTS Eight rounded corners serve as pour spouts that seal up tight or serve as evenly spaced steam vents with our matching lid (sold separately).
  • ANGLED SIDES Eight flat sides make it easier to get a flat spatula behind crust on cornbread, pizza and other baked goods - and make it easier to squeeze a couple of skillets into a crowded oven.
  • HELPER TAB Cast with an additional lip on the underside for better grip and secure serving - just don't forget to use a towel or hot pad.
  • SPRING HANDLE Wound from 300 series stainless steel rod stock and handle polished to high luster, our handles stay cooler longer, cool off quicker and feel better in the hand. Inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, they bring high end fit and finish to a time honored design.
  • MACHINE COOKING SURFACE CNC machine smooth right up to curved edge, our cooking surfaces are smooth to the touch for near nonstick cooking and easy clean up.
  • PRE-SEASONING Ready to cook right out of the box, each cast iron piece comes pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil to a nonstick, rust resistant bronze finish that will patina, darken and continue to improve as you cook.
  • HEAVY- GAUGE CAST IRON Thick bases and walls distribute heat better, delivering stronger searing and more even cooking on any heat source.

20.87 x 16.34 x 5.71 inches