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Did you know that due to inflation a lot of companies, especially chip companies are using a technique called “shrinkflation”. This basically means that companies will sell you less of a good but keep the price the same! It helps with their bottom line and you don't feel the initial sting of rising costs in your grocery bill but you most definitely will feel it when you start noticing even LESS chips in your bag of air than usual. 

Luckily for those of you who have an air fryer, tortilla chips are super easy to make and actually quite cheap to make at home. Plus, eating hot crunchy tortilla chips out of the air fryer is just like eating hot fries fresh out of the fryer - addictive and irresistible. An air fryer must try! Plus, don't forget to check out Mike G's newest video to see 7 other recipes to make in your air fryer to maximize its capabilities! 

Homemade air fried corn tortilla chips taste just like the quintessential corn chips you pick up at the store for your dips and salsa except with less grease. Less grease on your fingers, less grease flavor, less grease overall. On the other hand, the flour tortilla chips give off a thin pita like chip experience. Both chips are great but for different occasions. I took inspiration from my grocery store chips so once my pita chips were done I finished them off with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. As for the air fried corn tortilla chips, I made a homemade sweet spicy chili blend to sprinkle over them for a copycat doritos which turned out to be my favorite of the two!

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By Alex C

Senior Food Writer at Pro Home Cooks