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Over the years, my philosophy on cooking has shifted. I wanted to create a brand that reflected where I'm at today on my cooking journey so I can continue to inspire more people to get in the kitchen.


Pro Home Cooks is a place where you can continue to connect deeper to your own personal expression of cooking. Because there is no perfect way to do things in the kitchen. This is about leveling up your cooking practice so you can make incredible food, provide for yourself and the people around you, and save a ton of money while doing it! I hope you come along on this journey and help spread the growing movement of Pro Home Cooks! 


Mike G.

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Who is mike G?

Over the past seven years, Mike G has been on a mission to spread his passion of home cooking through educational and entertaining digital food content. Through his youtube channel with 2.2 millions subscribers and his online course, he has inspired thousands of people to overcome their fears of the kitchen and take back the art of cooking. ​

Mike believes that cooking is an intrinsic part of life, but unfortunately, it has lost a lot of its value in our current culture. By creating a stronger cooking foundation in your life, you will be able to provide for the people you love, live a healthier lifestyle and connect more deeply to yourself.

​With engaging video content and an educational platform, Mike spreads his message of empowerment in the kitchen and is growing a global movement of pro-home cooks.

About the team


Ever since Alex was a little girl, she was in the kitchen baking up a storm. Warm ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies were always ready to be pulled out of the oven and it wasn't Christmas if pillowy soft cinnamon rolls covered in cream cheese frosting weren't on the breakfast table. And of course, seeing a three layer vanilla vanilla confetti birthday cake with a couple candles on a regular ole sunday wasn't abnormal in her household.


Starting to crave desserts a little more adventurous, Alex started to combine flavors, colors, & textures to create desserts you wouldn't normally find anywhere in the world. Think roasted strawberry & matcha tiramisu, raspberry & pistachio cruffins, & strawberry & tahini swirled ice cream cookies!


She wants to show the world that the kitchen is your playground where the possibilities are limitless. She hopes to teach others to bake with their senses. Play with colors. Taste textures. Invent new flavor profiles. Take a classic dessert and put a little bit more personality into it. Check out what she's baking here.

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Raised in an incredibly diverse kitchen, Brandon grew up watching the stove and oven craft everything from pho to baklava. The kitchen was always the center of the home; it’s where everyone in the family spent most of their time. His family owned and operated several food businesses throughout his childhood, from restaurants to commercial bakeries, so his love and fascination for the culinary world were inevitable.


After leaving for college, Brandon felt the need to fill the void that was once an endless barrage of great food. He took the opportunity to begin experimenting in the kitchen, utilizing the endless hours of watching and working with his family to begin to cook for himself. Though his culinary experiences as a child were diverse, rarely did the cultures represented leave their lane.


Brandon loves to play around with bridging the gap between food cultures, using the elements of the foods he loves most to create something new. You can find some of those creations here.

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